What’s up?!

- GUANO APES: Support!!!

Folks, as promised, here are some big news.

We will open up for no one else than Guano Apes on 25th October @ den Atelier!
Totally happy to be given such a chance and honour to share a stage with this great Crossover, Alternative Rock Band Band from Germany!

Be there and enjoy the show!
See you there.

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Hi folks,

We are so happy and proud, that we as a luxembourgish band made it with our EP called “Fallen” into this month’ issue of the Metal Hammer magazine!

Thx to them and especially to Matthias Mineur for this great review!




Hi folks,

We are part of an european music contest…please we need your support!!!

This is the real link to vote for MEAN TO YOU…the real voting officially started yesterday…!!! 

Follow this link and vote for MEAN TO YOU!


We thank you all…!


Here are some links to a few articles of our local newspapers. We would like to thank


C.D. from Eldoradio:


S.K. from wort.lu:


P.V. from  Lëtzebuerger Journal:


We want to thank all these people for the opportunity of their big support!

Thumbs up!!!


  - Radio RTL (The Metal Diplomat): Hi peeps…! Here’s our last interview we had a few weeks ago…! Mulles was guest @ The Metal Diplomat‘s radio show and answered a few cool questions about the band, their music and even some personal stuff…! THX again for this one!!!



  - New  video in our media section: If you haven’t seen us rocking the MTC in Cologne last week you still have the chance to get a glimpse of what it was like. Have fun watching us perform ‘Right Now’ with additional features 



  Hi folks, Interested in some more music from Mean to you? Alright, so be it . Here are 2 of our songs from our actual setlist that we’ve recorded as a demo in our homestudio a few days ago. Have fun listing to them! Cheers




- Radio ARA: Here’s our second interview for  the month December. It was recorded on Radio ARA Channel and it was quite a long interview so we divide it into two parts. Once again thumbs up for Pascal and Alex Thiel. Enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/meantoyou/radio-ara-interview-pt-1-jerry


-Radio 100,7: Another Radio interview on the 13the December @ Radio 100,7 ! Nico and Mulles joined Mike (thumbs up for that crazy dude) and spoke a bit about the band and their experiences in the music scene! The whole interview here: https://soundcloud.com/meantoyou/radio-100-7-14-12-13-mam-mike  

- DisAgrrement: Here’s our newest “Fallen” – Ep review! Big thanks to Pascal Thiel for the nice words! En joy!



  - Karma Magazine: Hi folks, big news to close this week and it was a “mean” week, for us all…! First of all we made it to “Karma Magazine” (F), a very well known magazine about music, gigs, news, interviews or anything related to the music from Luxembourg to Lorraine  nowadays…! Big thx  and thumbs up to Nathalie Barbosa for this job :)


- Lëtzebuerger Wort: Another portrait about us can be found  in todays “Lëtzebuerger Wort” magazine. There’s an awesome article about us, the band and our work ,written in french. Again thumbs up to N.B.! You made our week :)


- Den neie Feierkrop: Last but not least another review about our EP – Fallen in “den neie Feierkrop”. Big thanks  J.-M. Treinen and all his charming words. 



  - RTL Radio Lëtzebuerg: On Monday the 18th of November, Mulles was guest @ Dan Neppgen’s “Nomëttes” Radio Show. They talked a bit about the first steps of the band, how they write their music and of course their new EP – Fallen. Just follow the link below to listen to it once again:



- Lëtzebuerger Journal: After Télécran magazine, another review of our EP “Fallen” can be found here: http://www.journal.lu/article/erfolgreich-altmodisch/

- Eldoradio: This week, Jerry and Mulles had another really cool interview. They answered a few questions for Wencke @ her Eldoradio Rockinvasion show…! In any case you missed it you can listen to it here:


- Télécran Magazin: We are quite excited, after our very first interview last week, to show up on a double sided article at the “Télécran” magazine.  We want to dedicate this one to our friends, families and fans that supported us since day one! Don’t miss getting yourself issue nr 46/2013 



  Live image As we want to pimp the look of our live scene, we just ordered a new banner with our logo on it that is going to be hung over / behind the drums! It just looks fabulous               The story continues Next Wednesday 6th of November, we are going to make an appearance in the Luxembourgish magazine „Telecran“ with 1 full photo page and 1 page packed with a great interview, dates, infos and more. So don’t miss to get yourself an issue of it!    And on Tuesday, 12th of November, Mulles and Jerry are going to make an appearance on EldoRadio – RockInvasion. Stay tuned!   Rehearsals Yes folks!! Finally we got to enter the Rockhal rehearsal rooms to rehears once a week over there! No more headphones, just live pure and raw :) 


First Concert @ Duerfkessel Hi guys Last Friday we played our very first show @ Duerfkessel in Koerich (L) which went great. We had an awesome time and lots of fun on stage. We thank everyone that came out to see our show! A further “Thank You” goes out to Dave, the owner of the venue and the band that opened for us, My Own Ghost, which also played their first gig.

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Soon we will hit the stage Only a few days left until we hit the stage @ Duerfkessel in Koerich (L) to play ofirst show! We are excited and can’t wait to present our 12 songs live! Stay tuned and stop by to support the show  As until now we rehearsed via JamHub and earphones, we have let a rehearsal room at the Rockhal to play live and after a few hours of playing we finally got our sound and we love it!

 Rockhal Room         08.09.2013   Today folks, our EP is fully released! All songs are available for streaming on here or via this link

https://soundcloud.com/meantoyou/sets/ep-fallen Thx for the support, we love what we do!   30.08.2013 This is it folks!!!!!! It is done, we are ready but are YOU ready for this?! From tomorrow on, we will start to release the songs of our EP called “Fallen”. Nobody wants to lose the flow, so to keep it a bit more exciting, we will release every 2nd day 1 song. Plus, every fiftieth Facebook User who likes our page will get the EP on CD as a gift. Some gigs have already been confirmed, others are still on the organizational side of life :) We all thank each and every single one who has supported us and our music! Spread the word, Mean To You is on! :) Cheers 26.08.2013

375904_292509690864409_728591385_nThe mixing and mastering process of our upcoming EP is done.Thursday a last revision of the whole master and then the release will happen :)      


24.08.2013 582001_10151589664457826_1807435446_n

As many of you know, our beloved friend, Cédric G, guitarist with “Falling Promises” has been taken away from the face of this earth way too early. In order to show our deepest respect and sympathy, we release and dedicate one of our songs called “Goodbye” prior to the release of our upcoming EP to him, his family and everyone who knew him. Cédric you will be missed!   www.soundcloud.com/meantoyou/goodbye


Hi folks,

Every cloud has a silver lining. As promised here are some good news for your all: After a few weeks, of intense searching for a new guitar player, we finally found the one. (We want to take the opportunity to thank all the talented guys who came over to join our band. It was a great pleasure. Thank you.) Unfortunately, there can be only one :) May I introduce Nicolas to you. This guy is a young composer, rather famous sound-designer and a very talented guitar player. It’s only recently that he played guitar for Retrace my Fragments. Nicolas felt very comfortable with our songs and our songwriting and after some rehearsals he agreed to join our band. Furthermore we started recording some new songs for a second demo tape. The basic tracks are done and we will continue with bass and drums next week. We are looking forward recording 10 brand new tracks. STAY TUNED Nico